If you smoke ground tobacco mixes, then you will be familiar with the use of water pipers such as double chamber bongs. These devices are designed to filter the smoke that results from the combustion of the tobacco through 2 places so that what you inhale is purer and contains less combustion by-products. This makes double chamber bongs healthier to use than single varieties.

Of course, buying, owning and taking care of your piece are 3 different things. The following will take a look at all aspects of being a smoking enthusiast.


1.      Buying one

Of course, your journey as a double chamber bong enthusiast starts with you actually buying one. Now this may sound as simple as walking into your local glassware store or tobacconist – but it isn’t. Because of the unfortunate connection to marijuana use, double chamber bongs and other similar smoking glass are in a weird legal grey-area which means you will almost never seen them displayed openly. If you do find one in a tobacconist (sex shops are also known to stock them) then it will be more of a ‘hush hush’ affair.

You can also go online to look for double chamber bongs and you will find a good variety from online retailers who can ship it to you. Don’t worry, when the glass piece is sent to you it is wrapped tightly in bubble wrap and packaged tight to minimise jostling and ensure it comes to your front door in one piece.


2.      Using it

Now that you own your very own double chamber bong, you will naturally want to start using it and enjoying the experience it can give you. As with anything new, you probably want to start small and work your way up when you feel like you are ready. You should only load a little bit of tobacco inside the cone-piece (the small brass piece you put the substance you are smoking in AKA a bowl) and then work your way up to higher amounts when you notice less irritation as you smoke the same amounts. It can be useful to keep mental notes or even a small diary if you think it will help you remember your usage behaviour.


3.      Cleaning and maintenance

Naturally, your double chamber bong is going to get dirty as you use it and will require routine cleaning in order for it to remain effective and pleasant to use. Trying to use a piece that’s caked in burnt, oily tobacco residue is pretty gross and a sign that you’re probably getting into a bad habit with the rate of smoking.

You should always endeavour to keep your double chamber bong clean after use, not just for you own sake but for the sake of any guests you invite over to use it. It’s very common to see someone cringe and go ‘no thanks’ when you offer them a disgusting piece that was formerly transparent.

The best way to keep it clean is make sure you are diligent in changing the water and that your herbs/tobacco are dry. Using a damp substance in your piece is going to be stickier when you ignite it.

As you can tell, there’s lots to consider and think about when you buy your first double chamber bong.

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