If you are dealing with hair loss, then you may have heard about the benefits of finasteride as a means of preventing/slowing down the rate at which it happens. This special formula has the most proven effectiveness in treating male pattern baldness, but it still a far cry from a clinically-proven cure and should not be considered as such.

The following till examine some benefits of getting a prescription for Finasteride online.



The primary benefit of getting a finasteride prescription online is the fact that you won’t have to even leave your bed to get it. That’s right, with a smartphone you can use a telehealth service to speak to a real doctor via video chat and have them send you an electronic prescription to you or your pharmacy.

This is obviously a lifesaver for people who may have limited mobility or some other reason why going to a physical doctor’s appointment in a clinic is difficult for them. Perhaps you may some trauma associated with the doctor’s clinic or perhaps you just loathe the idea of sitting in a waiting room surrounded by sick people, crying children and old magazines.


Less embarrassing

hair loss

If you are someone who is highly embarrassed about your thinning hair then going into a physical doctor’s clinic, talking to a receptionist, waiting and then seeing the GP can all be highly nerve-wracking and might make you not want to get your problem addressed at all. Of course, it’s terrible if you can’t get help because you’re too afraid to ask.

This is why getting finasteride online is so beneficial. Using a telehealth service, you don’t have to travel to a clinic and confront anyone face to face, you can simply show a doctor via video chat that you hair is thinning, and they will send you a digital prescription for finasteride straight away!

This lets you get it all out of the way so you can get treatment faster and spend less time worrying about being embarrassed about your thinning hair. This is one of the main reasons that telehealth services are becoming so popular – they give an extra degree of separation between issues that people find embarrassing and medical professionals.


Side effects of finasteride

While finasteride is a great treatment for male pattern baldness, it can also have some side effects that may not make it worth it for certain men. For example, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are common side effects reported by men who taking this formula which is self-defeating in many ways since many men only care about hair loss because they think it will affect their success with women. The irony of finasteride making you less capable of love-making will make you wonder if having hair is all worth it.


Accepting baldness

Of course, you really don’t need to resort to using finasteride if you are capable of coming to terms with your baldness and accept it with grace. If you are going into your middle age, its normal to start balding and nobody will really care that you don’t have luscious hair like a young person typically does.

Some of the most attractive celebrity males are bald, such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Bruce Willis. There’s really no reason to fret about hair loss since its such a normal thing for most people.

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