The Grand Canyon is among the most prominent and mesmerizing natural sites of America. It has been a wonderful destination for road-tripping for ages. It’s amazing to know that accessing of both North Rim as well as South Rim is possible from either side of the beautiful Grand Canyon. However, most of the tourists prefer to visit the South Rim of the popular Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon helicopter tour is also enchanting experience for tourists.


An Enchanting Grand Canyon

Another worth noting point is that the North Rim remains closed during the winter season; however, the South Rim remains open all around the year. Moreover, you can access different popular destinations from the South Rim, such as Sedona, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Williams. For this particular section of the Grand Canyon National Park, the key access point is the South Entrance in which the main visitor center is placed.

When it comes to discovering the respective park by road, you’ll have two options in total from that of the South Entrance Visitor Center. One is Hermit Road that’s open from 1st December to the conclusion of February to private vehicles. However, excluding these dates mean you need to take help of the park shuttle buses. Another option provides access to cars all around the year, and it’s the Desert View Drive. Both drives are enchanting and offer several views of the beautiful Grand Canyon.

Different tours provide different ways of experiencing the enthralling Grand Canyon. From the Grand Canyon helicopter tour to adrenaline-pumping white water rafting. Some of these activities onset right at the mesmerizing Grand Canyon whereas some others leave from various nearby cities, including Las Vegas.

You’ll also get some accommodation options within the national park at the respective Village. Outside of the South Entrance, a small town, called “Tusayan” is located along with different types of chain hotels, accompanied by restaurants as well as other services.

When it comes to entering the Grand Canyon National Park at the specific South Entrance, from that of the direction of Williams, you should just move towards the visitor center directly. A couple of displays enable the visitors to grasp a short overview of the respective park as well as a little bit regarding history. You can resolve your queries about attractions and hikes from the park staff.

The Grand Canyon is about enchanting natural beauty. This place experiences mesmerizing visual changes throughout certain periods of a year. For example, the early-autumn views are different from those of the mid-spring views.

Like any other national parks, abundant educational opportunities are provided by the Grand Canyon as well. It’s possible to learn about native vegetation, wildlife, and the interesting history of that particular region. You’ll get amazing opportunities to unwind and spend a relaxing vacation while in the Grand Canyon.

Interested in some adventurous activities? You can experience horseback, hiking, swimming, rafting, or also enjoy a relaxed walk if you just want to discover the area. So, plan your trip to the Grand Canyon today.

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