Experts have been utilising scaffoldings for generations to ensure their project is delivered on time and within budget.

From construction workers to painters, electricians, plumbers, window fitters and beyond, these outlets allow specialists to maneuver from point A to point B with a relative degree of autonomy.

Yet these frameworks are not selected at random. There is method behind their selection and this is where we will discuss what type of criteria is used to identify a model in this industry.

Appropriate Format

Experts looking to acquire a scaffold design have to ensure that they are sourcing the right format. Going down this path will help operators to find that balance between freedom of movement and instigating safe measures against collapse.

The available formats can be found through:

  • Single models
  • Double models
  • Suspended models
  • Trestle models
  • Cantilever models
  • Patented models
  • Steel models

Past Case Studies

Professionals who have experience with scaffoldings will apply their knowledge of past case studies when determining which structure will be best for their project. From local building sites to large-scale construction projects, small painting exercises or repairs on roofing, it is worthwhile assessing which outlets were proven effective and which items experienced difficulties. The more this information is understood, the sooner the manufacturers and designers can instigate superior safety measures.

Proven Brands

Scaffoldings are just like any other manufactured product when it comes to comparing and contrasting brands. These outlets will tick all the necessary safety boxes including a transparent weight loading parameter, a price that is in line with industry standards and customer service provisions that gives the client genuine peace of mind. Businesses will be ranked and reviewed against their peers, giving certain developers an edge in the process.

Strong Materials

To avoid those catastrophic collapses that result in injury and death from scaffoldings, the materials have to be able to withstand the elements. This is where strength comes into the equation, ensuring that steel or aluminum is leveraged where necessary. If the job happens to require less intensive work with only one or two participants in a safe and secure environment, then a polyestermatrix, glassfibre or nylon construction could be suitable.

Personal Connection Points

One of the most effective strategies that help to improve safety measures with scaffoldings is creating personal connection points through harness links. With the aid of guardrails to mitigate against falls, these utilities will help to prevent personnel from sliding off the planks and remaining tied to the guardrail irrespective of the pressure placed on the structure. Experts will make this point a priority when there are multiple professionals who will be maneuvering along these planks with their tools and resources.

Safe Terrain & Footing

Adjustable baseplates and jacks are great assets to have when sourcing scaffoldings for an upcoming project. Experts in the field will understand that the ground can be compromised, especially when placing the item on soil, gravel or clay. Should that footing become compromised, it is essential to have measures in place that provides assurances against a collapse.

Ease of Use & Transportation

These structures will have some common requirements that apply to experts and DIY homeowners alike. The easier the item is to use and to transport, the better the process is for all parties. Experts who operate as self traders will make this a priority for their own selection process, ensuring they are not allocating precious hours to erect and dismantle the item.

Specialists have much to consider when identifying scaffoldings for their upcoming project. Once they have gone through each phase and approved each unique criteria point, they will be able to proceed with their work safe in the knowledge this is a framework for them.

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